Collection & Relationship Management – CollectRM

FinSS Global’s Collection and Relationship Management (CollectRM) solution is a platform through which Lender and/or Credit Provider Collection Agents (Agents) can configure, manage and collect funds from Customers according to an institution’s Debt Collection Policies. CollectRM provides a seamless experience to Agents to track and follow-up on accounts belonging to different loan categories and record and trace all interaction with a Customer for debt recovery, based on Policy, Hardship, Ethical, Compliance and Empathic reasons.

CollectRM allows Agents to:

  • Have strict control over Collection process and policies – automate follow-ups, diarise actions/responses, exception handling, hardship campaigns, blackouts, holidays, PTP, arrangements, etc.
  • Create Collection processing based on –
    • range of product types;
    • alphabetic allocations; or
    • more complex campaigns based on urgency, process, product, etc.
  • User-specific Dashboard for Collection and Portfolio reporting.
  • Provide Customer Level View to visually represent contact, actions and timeline information.
  • Automate standard outbound Collection correspondence, e.g. Letters, SMS and other Customer reminders.
  • Provide a Customer Portal for proactive initiatives, e.g. Payments, Arrangements, PTPs, etc.
  • And much more.

The solution is:

  • A completely Configurable, Rule-based architecture, API and Microservices enabled.
  • Allows for integration with external systems eg. CRM, IVR, Call Centre, SMS/Letters/eMail gateways.
  • Provided as an On-premise or Cloud-based operational model –
    • Reduce implementation and configuration time and cost.
    • Includes maintenance and support for bug fixes and minor enhancements.

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