Fintech Solutions & Services (Global) Pty Ltd

Fintech Solutions and Services (Global) Pty Ltd (FinSS Global) was established in Melbourne, Australia in 2019 as an organisation focused on Compliance, Collection Management and  Banking Solutions, with a focus on SMB Lending enablement, and Digital Transformation. Our target market is the small to medium Australian Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs) and Lenders/Credit Providers. We offer our own leading edge (digital) solutions, consulting and expertise, as well as solutions and capabilities from key like-minded Strategic Partners, to cost-effectively meet the needs of our target market.

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Our Mission – To be a Trusted Partner in our chosen market for the enablement of Compliance, Collections, Banking Solutions and Digital Transformation in a cost-effective and affordable manner.

Our Vision: To be the affordable “go to” advisor and value-added solution provider in line with our defined Mission statement.

FinSS Global - What We Do

Our mantra is to help drive the future of Banking and Finance, where digital transformation, data compliance and interchange, systemisation, automation, traceability, Customer communications and enablement, ethics, empathy and accountability are key, by:

  1. Developing Trusted Partnerships with our Clients through advice, guidance, expertise, and,
  2. The introduction of leading-edge solutions utilising modern technology such as Open Source frameworks, Cloud, Open API’s/Microservices, AI and Machine Learning.

Examples of where we can assist, include:

Banking Consultants
Solution Architect/ Product Owner
Strategic Partnerships
Generally Available Products
New Product Offerings in the pipeline

FinSS Global- Our Approach



All our development follows the Agile/Scrum/Lean principles. All products are designed, built and system & user tested by Business and Technical specialists in their fields. Everything from design to support is systemised and all staff/sub-contractors know the target domains.

All our solutions are managed by a Product Owner, who ensures we document everything, manage releases and release notes and facilitates support and training.



Everyone in our team has a wealth of background in Business, Technology, Consulting and Software Development, but most importantly know and practise that Customer relationships, respect and honesty is key to success and repeat business.

Our Management Team consists of experienced staff who know our target domain(s), have run and managed businesses for years and drive strict Quality, Integrity and Customer Engagement disciplines. All this, whilst maintaining the operational aspects of a vibrant Fintech.



Our solutions leverage current Open Source and/or Industry Standard platforms (e.g. Microsoft Windows, Linux, Java, React/Angular, OrientDB, Microsoft SQLServer, Cloud enablement (AWS/Azure) and more), as well as catering for On-premise, Managed Service or Cloud-based deployments.

Wherever possible our solutions are offered as scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) models to better align pricing to the size of our target Clients and provide the best Return on Investment.



Everyone in our team knows Financial Services, Collections, Compliance, and leading-edge Software Development. Our background is the Australian Financial Services and Mutual Sectors. Management has worked in their own businesses for years predominantly focused in Software Development, People Provisioning and Consulting.

All this experience and knowledge is why we have been able to rapidly build new leading-edge solutions that we believe are affordable to meet current and future Customer needs as they follow a Digital Transformation path.

FinSS Global Management Team


Dallas Newton

Managing Director

Dallas has worked in the Information Technology sector for more than 40 years and owned and run IT-related businesses for nearly 20 years. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Computing) Degree and has considerable experience gained through working both at a local (Australia) and European (UK) level in roles ranging from Technical, Sales, Management, Consulting and Director.

Sina Fereshteh

Sina Fereshteh

Chief Technology Officer

Sina has over 10 years’ experience in the Information Technology sector. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree and is a Technical Entrepreneur at heart. He started his own business post University developing software, gradually enhancing his skills and experience to that of a CTO, and Director with domain knowledge in Financial Services (Local) and Government.


Neda Zeyghami

Chief Marketing Officer

Neda is a dedicated, resourceful, and goal-driven researcher who is passionate to engage with internal and external Business Stakeholders to deliver value-added services and support. She loves to implement statistical analysis, such as market research, as well as to plan marketing strategy and promotions. She is a focused mentor and leader of our Marketing and R&D initiatives.

FinSS Global - Partners

FinSS Global - What People are saying About Us

FinSS Global - What People are saying About Us

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