enABLED-Biz © (Small to Medium Business Financial Dashboard)

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FinSS Global Pty Ltd (FinSS Global) has observed that the number of start-up and existing small businesses are looking to their primary Bank to help them with their banking and lending as they move more into the digital world. Pressure is mounting on these businesses to move to new and innovative digital solutions, but many Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) are still traditionalist, wanting their Bank to provide them with this “innovation”.

So to help the SMB manage their financial affairs more effectively FinSS Global has developed enABLED-Biz ©.

enABLED-Biz ©



enABLED-Biz © is powered by the FinSS Global visualisation platform, enABLED ©, built for Banks/Lenders to be able to offer their SMB Customers a white-labelled, subscription-based Financial Dashboard to visually monitor and manage their business performance. It can be configured for the Customer to visually monitor the financial operation of their business and the Bank/Lender can optionally integrate it with their own, or external providers’, Mobile Banking, Invoicing and Payments processing, to offer a complete view of business inputs, outputs and potential liquidity shortfalls.

enABLED-Biz © forms a partnership between a Bank/Lender and its SMB Customer, delivering a platform for the SMB to run and operate their business, across Bank/Lender-branded technology, offering both Accounting and Banking data integration, business performance/health metrics, cash-flow management and forecasting, potentially identifying and automating business borrowing/line of credit requests and optionally, incorporate invoicing and payments processing data, in realtime.

Components, Integration & Connectivity

enABLED-Biz © Product Features

  • E2E and frictionless processes – All action items from SMB integration to Data Aggregation and Analysis are configurable and initiated automatically, upon request.

  • Built to Support Automation – SMS, email, reminders and more.
  • Complete Data Security – Internal and External to manage Account, Key, User and Subscription access.
  • Configurable API-based, event-based Micro-service Architecture – a modern architecture that facilitates the connections of the data endpoints in a plug-and-play way to receive source data.
  • User-based Dashboard – Totally configurable across all stages such as aggregation, visualisations, key metric calculations, analytics, optionally invoicing and payments and more.
  • Visualisation of all key SMB Financial Data – For example, business validity, financial history, propensity to meet commitments, cash forecasting, working capital financing and more.
  • Modern User Experience – fast, reliable, simple and latest UX.

On-premise or Private Cloud deployable

Like all software products, version upgrades or major new Product releases will be based on upgrade or new product fees

Reduce implementation and configuration time and cost

Subscription-based fee, including maintenance and support and minor enhancements

Fees will be based on size and features implemented for the SMB user

A Digital experience to visualise SMB financial operation, management and more ...

– Aggregate, Visualise, Monitor and Leverage your Business Management Experience –

Key Technical Features

Industry Expertise & Support

• Worked with Business Lenders to define most of the features & key metrics.

• Support is local through a local number, email and contact.

• Price includes Maintenance and Support.

Documentation & Training

• High-level, product-specific internal User Help.
• Context-sensitive help on all critical fields.
• User and Admin training is available upon request.

Modern User Experience

• Provides fast, reliable, simple & latest UX.
• Screen skins can be configured to match end-user look and feel.
• Usability tested by several SME Lenders validating the UX.


• All action items are configurable and initiated automatically, upon request
• Data source aggregation is totally extensible and configurable.
• Analytics and metrics displayed are configurable, based on end-user requirements.
• Visualisations are tailorable dependant on end-user requirements.

Built to Support Automation

• Data Aggregation is automated once SMB Lender is identified.
• Validation and anti-fraud checks automated post aggregation.
• Timeframes (dates) for aggregation process are configurable.


Complete Data Security – Internal & External

• User access is controlled by secure role-based uid/pwd.
• System integrates with Cloud or Managed Service Security Protocols.
• Multifactor Authentication can be configured based on end-user requirements.

Built to Scale & Perform

• Built using standard Open Source technology.
• Frontend & Backend - Using modern development languages
• API/Microservices.

Open API/Microservices enabled

• All communication with external systems is API-driven.
• Microservice/API-enabled to integrate with other Financial Services data sources.

Cloud and/or Managed Service Deployable

• Solution can function as a Service.
• Functions as a typical web application.
• All input automated based on end-user input.

Tailored Online & Telephone Support

• 5x8 Support is included in the license fee.
• Telephone and email support, based on defined SLAs.
• Extended Support can be provided upon request.